William is convinced he’s normal, mediocre… but dreams of being special. Foul-mouthed but well-meaning, Will sees the best in others even when he can’t see it in himself. But mostly he swears a lot and rushes into situations hoping to realize his dream of being a hero.



Shy, yet optimistic, Aryn has a quiet strength that draws people to her. Although she loves to help others, she has a ridiculously bad habit of not asking for help herself… ever. Lucky for her she has friends who are equally stubborn. Aryn loves to draw and has a well-known interest in spiritual and metaphysical matters.



Best friends with William, Tai* is a year older, a year wiser… and a year snarkier. While calm, cool and collected, Tai manages a perfect balance of maturity and sarcastic wit. He doesn’t always voice his thoughts, which is unfortunate, because he really knows more than he lets on most of the time.

(** Author’s Note: Tai was originally named Kai; he is based off a dear friend of mine who passed away late last year. As a memorial, I have changed his name in the comic to Tai, since he loved this comic so much. The older pages will soon be changed to reflect this also.)



Simon is best friends with Aryn, which is bizarre because they are pretty much opposites. Simon has a high standard for the people he decides to befriend, which makes him come off as pretty harsh but he has his reasons. Simon is pretty honest about not being the nicest person around, after all… a garden needs pruning as much as it needs tender loving care. Besides, that sentimental nice crap is why he keeps someone like Aryn around.