Happy Wednesday and update day everyone!

I am happy to announce that The Dream Argument has recently partnered with a publisher, Under Belly Comics! This could mean really big things for the comic, including potential printing of the comic in graphic novel form when I have enough chapters complete! WOW!



With a bigger audience and more support I can release the comic faster both online AND off, that means more updates for everyone reading the comic, more comic-related artwork and just generally more awesome stuff for all of y’all awesome readers.

If you’d like to help support, even just $1 can go a long way. :) You can get sneak peaks of comic pages early, free monthly wallpaper downloads, and with a big enough donation, a cameo in the comic. Cool right? If that sounds like something you wanna do, clickity-click the Patreon Support button on the right! The more supporters I have, the more awesome stuff I can do for my readers.

But for now, I am really just happy to have readers! Thank you for reading!

Enjoy this week’s page!


— D