Hello everyone. :)

Going threw some growing pains in every day life, but I think I am slowly working them out and finding my groove again and I may move updates to Fridays to help with that. Chapter 2 is almost to it’s (epic, just wait for it) conclusion, and I am very excited to start working on Chapter 3. My goal with Chapter 3 is to have a lot of updates on Patreon with my process for planning out the chapter, and building up a bit of a buffer before I start posting it; hopefully that will help with any hiatus between chapters (and this time I’m hoping it won’t be too long). I’ve been bad at keeping up with sneak peaks on the Patreon, mostly because I tend to share them publicly anyways. Having exclusive content is hard, I just want to share the love! But I am always open to suggestions, so hit me up with things you may want to see. :>

As always, the Patreon is a great way to support the comic and my other artwork, so please check it out. I’m hoping to get better with keeping it up as well, as I do post more than just comic stuff now!

If you are new to the comic, welcome! <3 I hope you enjoy it. :)

— Dani